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Why Verging on Vegan and not Very Vegan or something more certain about being vegan? Because I can't class myself as vegan. I'm dairy free, vegetarian and have recently made a conscious decision to limit fish to very few times per year. There's still honey in my kitchen (I haven't started the journey through that research yet) and I still have leather shoes on my feet. Vegan carries great weight and we're not fully there yet. Dairy is very bad for me, my husband and my daughter so we chose to give our bodies the respect they were asking for because, in the end, we have a lot to live for and I do truly believe if we listen to what our bodies are telling us we'll prevent future disease and illness.


This is not a diet, I won't help you lose weight (you may do naturally when giving up dairy), I can't portion control as I eat until I'm full. I don't calorie count I only watch the nutrients and feed my cravings. I hope you like the recipes and I hope you take them, adapt them and make them your own!

  Sophie Afifi


Thanks so much for visiting my vegan recipe blog!

I'm a Dubai based mum and vegan food blogger and this site is my own personal  home cookbook. 

I try to keep it simple, using simple ingredients and things you can usually have on the table quickly after a busy day.

Let me know what you think!

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