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I know I know this most definitely can be seen as a boring side of eating. I personally find it all fascinating and just love wondering and learning about what each ingredient is doing on the inside. I also find I can really enjoy what I call naughty food when I know it's actually not at all that naughty and could be working magic inside. I've created this table in attempt to provide myself with a coherent and simplified break down of what each nutrient does and what vegan food are sources of these.
Need help with wound healing? Find a manganese and vitamin C rich recipe to help the body achieve that.
Want to help boosting your immune system? Find recipes that are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B1, copper, magnesium, vitamin D and of course vitamin C.
Feeling a bit low? Be mindful of your vitamin B6 intake today.
I intend to update the list as I grow and learn more and end up with more information on daily requirements etc but my general rule of thumb is to eat a broad variety of plant based and whole grain food everyday, really focusing on colours, the more colours the better.
I indulge and feed my cravings daily and that's important for me, I don't ever let myself down because I don't see it as giving in or even a bad thing. When I want macaroni cheese I eat it and when I want a burger followed by cake and custard I eat that too (last night) but I mostly make it all myself so I know what's in it and if it's plant based and whole grain not much can be wrong. Something we try try try to do is always have salad with dinner so if pizza is on the menu then it's with salad, you get the idea.
Vegan Vitamins and Minerals Table
Vegan Vitamins and Minerals Table
Vegan Vitamins and Minerals Table

  Vegan Vitamins and Minerals

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