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Baked Sambousek

OK, now I may well be slammed here for taking possibly the most traditional and nostalgic (and most delicious) of Ramadan snacks - sambousek - and giving it an unnecessary healthy, vegan edit. But, I'm here doing it BECAUSE I can no longer enjoy the cheesy, gooey delights for this one special month anymore due to every single sambousek out there being dairy AND/OR meat. So chill out, sit back and just give it a chance. Wipe that doubtful look off your face, it's hard being healthy and intolerant to dairy sometimes. Sometimes. These babies are badass, so get that reluctant butt in the kitchen and try them.


This mix will make at least 32 sambousek which you definitely refrigerate and keep for 3-5 days (I can almost promise you'll finish them in that time frame, if not try freezing them but I haven't done it so I can't currently vouch for them.

if you (like me) want to make more than one meal in this time frame then wrap half the amount and blend the rest of the leek mix up with some veggie stock and have a delicious soup for the week too! You can defo freeze that if leek and potato with leek and potato isn't really all that appealing to you.


Make sure to really wash your leeks after chopping them to get rid of all the dirt in amongst the leaves.


Add the "cheese" mix in right at the end and you should need to stir it on a low-med heat for just a few minutes before it's lovely and gooey. If you're using regular flour over tapioca it may take a little longer. I haven't experimented with regular four yet but am sure it'll work just fine in this recipe.





Please please please, play around with different fillings. You can even go sweet on these things! This is just what I pulled out of the bag today but I'll be working on a lentil mince type one and am just dying to do some cinnamon apple ones too! The point is that if you want to you can have these baked and you can also have a bit of a cheesy one if you want. let me know how they go, and don't worry about little over spills of goo on the baking tray.




2 tbsp oil

2 leeks (chopped and washed)

1 potato (peeled, chopped & parboiled)

4 cloves garlic (minced)

200 ml + 2 tbsp water

1 tbsp flour


200 ml DF milk

3 tbsp tapioca flour

3 tbsp nutritional yeast

salt and pepper to taste


1) Fry the garlic in the oil on a med heat for 1-2 mins or until just starting to brown.

2) Add leeks and potatoes and give a really good stir. Stir every couple of mins for 10 mins or until soft.

3) Blend the 'cheese' sauce mix and add to the leek mix and stir until the sauce thickens. Remove from heat.

4) Pre-heat your oven to 200°C

4) Take the pastry sheets out of the freezer and the packet then wrap in a damp, clean cloth so they don't dry out.

5) In a small dish mix 1 tbsp flour with 2 tbsp of water. In a separate dish add the oil and get a couple of clean brushes ready.

6) Refer to pictures above for instructions of how to fold the pastry. I recommend folding until you have your pocket, filling then doing the last folds. otherwise it gets messy!

7) on the last fold use the flour mix to seal the parcels.

8) Once all parcels are on the baking sheet, brush with oil and pop them in the oven until golden.

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